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EICIS is created as a high efficient implement for accelerated and cost-effective gathering, dissemination and exchange of knowledge, experience and innovations concerning the scientific, industrial and commercial application of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Why Impedance?

Because impedance is a technique with enormous potential and possibilities for investigation, characterization, testing and control of a great variety of:  materials (gaseous, liquid and solid with conducing, isolating or semiconducting properties); products and devices;processes as corrosion, crystallization, sintering and others.





The establishment of the Centre and the opening of its web site ”Access Impedance” have been provided by the financial support of UNESCO Venice Office-Regional Office for Science and Technology for Europe (UVO-ROSTE) in the frames of a project “Establishment of an European Internet Centre for Impedance Spectroscopy” between UNESCO and IEES-BAS (2000-2003). The Centre is hosted by IEES. Additional financial support is given by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences



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