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The new century started with a global expansion of the Information Technology resources as an important tool for coordination and information exchange between people and organizations in all spheres of life. Since science is an area which cannot be developed without communication, Internet could serve as an efficient and cost-effective scientific instrument. In addition to scientific conferences and journals, it opens a "new folder" for upgraded scientific communication, education and collaboration, which may be summarized as e-science. The mechanism for dissemination of e-science could be:


  • Construction and distribution of scientific networks
  • Integration of the networks into a World Wide Grid (WWG).


Following this strategy, the European Impedance scientists established an impedance network, entitledEuropean Internet Centre for Impedance Spectroscopy.


The European Internet Centre for Impedance Spectroscopy (EICIS) has been established in 2001 as an international (European) voluntary framework, uniting different structures (research institutes, universities, laboratories, organizations, publishing houses, firms etc.) and people (researchers, manufacturers, publishers, businessmen etc), interested in impedance science and its applications.


Why European?

Although established as an initiative of a group of European scientists, and supported by the European branch of UNESCO (UVO-ROSTE), the Centre is open for everybody who can realize an Internet connection. From the very beginning the global expansion of the network is introduced in the Centre’s priorities.


Why Internet?

In principle the realization of e-science in a given field increases its impact in fundamental as well as in applied aspect, since in ensures:

  • Upgraded dissemination of knowledge & experience;
  • Easier collaboration between scientific disciplines & industrial areas;
  • Performance of common experiments in “real time”, due to the removed geographical barriers, united knowledge andexperimental base, shared experimental results and computing infrastructure, obtained without additional expenses.


Why Impedance?

Impedance possesses some specific properties and characteristics, which make this discipline extremely convenient for Internet dissemination.

From scientific point of view the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy has the unique advantage to characterize and to separate the different steps, which describe the total phenomenon under investigation. In this way, the impedance technique is a desired tool, which ensures additional deeper information and significantly contributes for the solution of the problem under study.

From applied point of view the Impedance Spectroscopy is an attractive method, since it serves and unites a great variety of research and applied areas and characterizes a big number of objects and processes:


- Batteries & materials for them;

- Polymer materials;

- Fuel cells& materials for them;

- Nondestructive materials’ testing;

- Semiconductors & devices;

- Corrosion & corrosion protection;

- Ceramic materials;

- Electrocrystallization;

- Sensors & biosensors;

- Electrode position;

- Biological objects & systems;

- Sintering and others.

- Nano-structured materials;




The list does not deplete the possible fields of application.

From practical point of view Impedance is very convenient for virtual data analysis. The raw data can be easily sent by E-mail for interpretation in another laboratory, since this step is complicated and needs a matured and specialized knowledge.


Main Objectives

The Centre was created as a “remote access” means, which serves as:

  • A convenient base for easy gathering, dissemination, exchange, transfer and exploration of knowledge, ideas and innovations concerning Electrochemical Impedance and its application in different scientific and applied fields.
  • A quick, permanent input and output for impedance based scientific, educational, industrial, commercial information.
  • A high efficient and friendly platform for a quick and proper application of impedance by newcomers in the impedance community, including young researchers.
  • A reliable resource for a further construction of an Interconnected Network of complementary and supplementary equipment for the exploitation of modern electrochemical techniques.

Main Tool

For the realization of its main objectives, the Centre combines:

  • The existing knowledge capital, scientific network, human connections and professional dedication of the European impedance community;
  • Internet – the most effective communication tool in the moment.


This combination created the



the internet key of the

European Internet Centre for Impedance Spectroscopy

Which gives you free access to a new Electrochemical

Impedance World:

  • a world with no geographical and time barriers;
  • a world where you can meet partners for cooperation and collaboration;
  • a world where you can easily find answers to your impedance questions and help for your needs and problems.